After fifteen years of being a director at powerhouse production companies I realized that clients weren’t getting what they paid for. In today’s advertising world both budgets and time are shrinking and ultimately, the work is suffering for it. I started K films to streamline the process and allow me to put everything on screen where it belongs. On every job I challenge myself to deliver beyond expectations.
And this is Kfilms.

Warren Kushner’s filmmaking journey began in Oudtshoorn, South Africa making documentaries on the plight of farm workers. But his film career was on hold as he pursued his other passion, competitive surfing and he toured the globe as a professional surfer for five years. During a visit to Los Angeles, he found himself on a film set and there he had an epiphany – film was his dream and life’s work. He moved to LA and began working on sets with a fire. He swiftly moved from camera assistant to director as his unique talents surged to the forefront. Warren has been creating commercials and film content at the highest level ever since.

A perfectionist, Warren’s philosophy is simple: Put everything onscreen. Combining a keen visual sensibility with an astute sense of comedy and drama, he is focused on the realism and authenticity that grabs and keeps an audience. He has relentless passion for every stage of the filmmaking process, beginning to end. He can’t help it. He just loves this stuff.

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